Majuri, who examines wind power in his thesis, had received a Deal With It balance scooter, or hoverboard, by Extension for testing a couple of days earlier. In the photo shoot, he was already riding the board like a pro.

“It was quite the balancing act in the beginning. The board moves forwards and backwards when I lean in the direction I want to go. It’s better to start on level ground, because when I went uphill the first time, I lost control of the board and nearly fell. Care is needed and always wear a helmet,” he says.

Majuri thinks it’s nice to drive around on the board. The hoverboard’s big, ten-inch wheels mean that it goes over small bumps without a hitch. The smaller, 6.5-inch wheel size is more challenging on stone pavement, for example. Parking presents a problem; where can you leave it?

“It isn’t easy to lock the board onto anything, and you definitely can’t leave it out in the rain.” Carrying the nearly ten-kilo board is hard work, too. Thus, the board is at its best as a leisure-time vehicle and for joyriding. •

Deal with it -board:

• Weight 9.5 kilos

• Price about 500 euros

• Speed max. 15 km/h, comparable to pedestrians in traffic.

• Operating range 15-30 km

• Charging time 2-3 hours

• It’s best to be present during charging. The board
is disconnected as soon as charging is finished.

• Electric people movers were approved for
traffic use in Finland at the start of 2016.