What is a smart fridge?
Smart fridges are higher-technology versions of conventional fridges. They are connected to the internet and represent one example of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Who makes smart fridges?
Smart fridges are made by many manufacturers of domestic appliances and electronics, including Samsung, LG, Hoover, Bosch and Siemens. LG made the first smart fridge back in 2000, and the price tag was EUR 20,000. At present, Samsung’s fridges offer the most functionality.

Have fun with your fridge!
The example smart fridge is a Samsung Family Hub model with a “camera inside” function, which shows what is in the fridge. This makes it easy to check whether you have run out of cola when you are in the supermarket.

The 21.5-inch full HD screen built into the fridge door serves as a kitchen entertainment hub. You can use it to watch your favourite shows, listen to music or search for recipe suggestions based on what is in your fridge. Family Hub offers 36 different apps, such as Uber and Spotify, which can be controlled on the screen.

The Fridge Manager function adjusts the fridge temperature and keeps products fresh. If the smart fridge develops a fault, it is able to tell you what is wrong.

Monitor your energy bill
The Hoover smart fridge is an example of energy consumption control. The fridge temperature can be adjusted using a smartphone app. You can also control the fridge’s energy consumption and monitor it using the app. The artificial intelligence built into the Hoover smart fridge attempts to use the data it collects to boost its efficiency and reduce its energy consumption.

Should I buy it?
Smart fridges range in price from EUR 1,000 to EUR 5,000 depending on the model and the size. New technology is raising prices, and there is plenty of functionality. You may not even use some of the functions, so it is worth considering what you really need. Is it an advantage or a disadvantage if your fridge door opens automatically?

Smart fridges may help busy people. I can hardly wait to see what other new surprises IoT will bring.

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