141016 Juho Tuominen testaa CR-laseja, Samsung
Juho Tuominen testing a 3D headset.

The Gear VR virtual headset is used by connecting it to a smart phone by the same manufacturer, and earphones or wireless headphones. Then the device is placed over the eyes and the velcro is closed behind the head. The three-dimensional experience is ready to begin!

Some applications need to be downloaded on the phone first, though. The headset can be used for things like watching 360 movies or TV series from Netflix, playing VR games, viewing YouTube, or trying out a solar system simulator. Juho Tuominen, who was familiar with a technically stronger 3D game experience in a computer environment, tried all these.

“The ‘light version’ of VR glasses was a positive surprise. Considering their price, they offer a pleasant experience for watching movies, for example. It’s like being in a virtual house, with the TV you watch the movie on in front of you. With a 3G or 4G connection, the movie wasn’t interrupted even once, and the phone battery had enough juice for several hours,” Tuominen explains.

Anshar Wars, a space flight simulation included with the headset, was one of the games he played – while kicking for speed.

“VR games react intuitively when you move your gaze or turn your head. You move in the direction you’re looking. I increased the 360 atmosphere by swivelling around in an office chair. Even though the game doesn’t have long scenarios, its mechanics and graphics work well and give a genuine 3D feel.”

How was it going to work with the black box?

“It doesn’t really suit a local bus journey. The direction of the view can’t be locked, so the quick turns of the bus made me turn my head, constantly changing the angle of view. Instead, I intend to purchase this headset for watching movies on long-haul journeys. I can also recommend the headset for users of many different ages and levels; it really offers new dimensions.”