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Main grid

Accurate information about faults

My Fingrid is a central point of access for customers looking for detailed information on power outages and estimates of the locations of faults.

Electricity market

Prepared to handle disturbances

The disturbance in the electricity grid in Continental Europe last year showed how well pan-European collaboration can work.
Due to overload, Southeast Europe had too much energy, and Northwest Europe did not have enough. The situation was brought under control within half a minute and one hour later, the system was back to normal.

Electricity market

Further collaboration

Thanks to the Nordic RCC, even more electricity will be transmitted between the Nordic countries without compromising on safety.

Main grid

Olkiluoto 3 is coming – we are ready

The Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant unit begins to contribute to Finland’s electricity generation. What does the commissioning of the new nuclear power plant mean for the security and self-sufficiency of the power system?
Minna Laasonen, Senior Expert at Fingrid, answers our questions.

Main grid

Frost scrubbers

Hoar frost sticks to the earth wires of transmission lines and presses them onto the phase conductors. The consequence is an earth fault, which de-energises the transmission line. If there is a very large amount of ice load, the tower structures or earth wires could break.


What are we prepared for?

Fingrid constantly strives to reduce the risk of large-scale power cuts and improve its ability to restore power as quickly as possible, writes Senior Vice President Reima Päivinen.

Electricity market

Climate change calls for preparations

The Finnish authorities are forecasting and making preparation for the risks related to weather and climate conditions due to climate change. Fingrid is working closely with the authorities to ensure that electricity transmission continues uninterrupted, even in the event of extreme weather.

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