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electricity markets


European electricity market reform

The reform aims to reduce consumers’ exposure to fossil fuel price spikes, to accelerate investments in renewable energy sources (RES), and flexibility resources, and to enhance prevention of market manipulation.


Demand-side management for specific buildings

A startup named is conducting an EU project in collaboration with Fingrid. Kapacity’s customers are buildings that use heat pumps, and Kapacity offers them the chance of saving money on their electricity bills.


System security and the market go hand in hand

Although some time has passed since the market was opened up, many transmission system operators still lack clarity as to their role in the electricity market. Fingrid endeavours to provide 100 per cent of its transmission capacity to the market.

Electricity market

The same tools for different goals?

The Nordic electricity market demands a new form of collaboration and foresight in order to overcome the challenges of tomorrow, says Fortum’s Simon-Erik Ollus.

Main grid

The Main Grid Control Centre ensures the availability of electricity around the clock

Fingrid’s Main Grid Control Centre in Helsinki works all hours of the day to ensure that every village, town and city in Finland has enough electricity. The control centre handles routine tasks, as well as unplanned tasks when a swift reaction is needed to prevent disturbances in the availability of electricity. Some disturbances also affect the intra-day electricity price.


…And a call comes in from the main grid control centre…

It is a Monday morning, and a call comes in from the main grid control centre. Over the weekend, the Swedish transmission system operator Svenska kraftnät (Svk) began limiting the transmission of electricity from Finland to Central Sweden. I recalled a moment last summer when Svk was forced to limit the transmission of electricity from Norway, leading to confusion in the electricity markets – surely history will not repeat itself on the border between Finland and Sweden…?

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