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Main grid

Special arrangements to connect Olkiluoto 3 to the main grid

Fingrid and Teollisuuden Voima (TVO) have begun preparations to connect Olkiluoto 3 to the main grid. The connection will require special arrangements because, once completed, Olkiluoto 3 will be considerably larger than earlier electricity production units.

Main grid

Nordic operational planning office opens in Copenhagen

The operational planning office of four Nordic transmission system operators is currently launching its operations in Copenhagen. Closer cooperation will also improve the functioning of the Nordic market and TSOs.

Main grid

The main grid can handle many weather phenomena

Although storm winds, lightning, crown snow load, frost and freezing rain pose a threat to power lines, Fingrid is well prepared for problem situations caused by the weather.


Wetlands and orchards under transmission lines in Europe

Supporting the diversity of nature and varied recreational use enables versatile use of the land under transmission lines. Rather than emphasising what may not or ­cannot be done there, the focus is on the different uses that are permitted. European transmission system operators are making diverse use of transmission line clearings for different purposes. Fingrid is part of this work.