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electric cars


Smart energy for electric vehicles

Three different solutions exist for charging electric vehicles: conventional charging, smart charging and bidirectional charging.
“Smart charging is the modern-day solution for households because it takes into consideration the needs of consumers and the environment,” says Ville Väre, Energy Service Manager at Liikennevirta Oy.


Electric cars, threat or opportunity?

The present government of Finland has set as its target 250,000 electric cars and chargeable hybrids by 2030. What does an increase in the number of electric cars mean for the electricity system and market, analyzes Mikko Heikkilä, expert in the Fingrid market function. PUBLISHED 21.11.2018


On behalf of the environment

Solar power is completely emission-free electricity, which means that using it reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Providing the chance to charge an electric car encourages cleaner transport. Fingrid now has both.