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Who will be the winners in the energy revolution?

In principle, it should be simple to combat climate change, at least from the perspective of an electricity transmission system operator. We should make the power system clean and electrify everything we can, writes Fingrid’s Senior Expert Mikko Heikkilä.

Electricity market

Towards a clean power system

Jukka Ruusunen, Fingrid’s CEO, says that the government’s programme will enable Finland to become a pioneer in terms of its clean, cost-efficient power system.


Moving towards a Nordic model

The Clean Energy Package is taking the European electricity market in a more market-oriented, flexible and efficient direction – one step at a time. However, the details of the package include many challenging questions.

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Towards a more flexible and efficient energy sector

The Directorate-General for Energy develops and implements the European energy policy under the guidance of the European Commission. Director of The Internal Energy Market, Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, explains the latest developments in energy market integration.


Towards the power system of the future – developing the market together

The change in the electricity system is underway. The driving force is climate change and its prevention. Emissions trading and targets for renewable energy and energy efficiency are speeding up the change of the entire energy and electricity systems to carbon-free. PUBLISHED 2.11.2016


Will there be enough electricity available in Finland?

This time of the year is typical for discussing the adequacy of electricity in Finland for citizens and industry. It’s a well-grounded discussion, because Finland is extremely dependent on the import of electricity. PUBLISHED 31.10.2016

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Pekka Lundmark: A developer role for Finland

According to Fortum Oyj’s President and CEO Pekka Lundmark, energy policy needs to have a balance between climate targets and electricity market efficiency and security of supply. Finland could be an active supporter and developer of a joint energy policy in the Nordic countries.