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Main grid

Clean electricity is a competitive advantage

We updated our electricity production and consumption forecasts at the start of the year. Finland has highly promising opportunities for success in the energy transition. The number of enquiries for main grid connections from electricity producers and electricity-intensive industries has continued to climb. The main grid needs significant construction and development to enable investment.


Occupational safety

More occupational accidents leading to absences happened on Fingrid’s worksites in 2023 than in the previous year, and the frequency of occupational accidents increased slightly. The number of serious occupational accidents decreased compared to the previous year.

Electricity market

Electricity production becoming cleaner

The transition to renewable energy sources is reflected in cleaner electricity production. Thanks to increasing production, Finland has the means to achieve annual self-sufficiency in electricity production this year and become a net exporter of electricity in the future.


What is electricity used for in Finland?

There have been no major changes in electricity consumption in Finland in recent years. More energy-efficient devices reduce consumption, but the electrification of transport and, in particular, industry will increase consumption substantially in the future.


Occupational safety in 2022

In 2022, there were fewer workplace accidents leading to absences in Fingrid’s work locations than in the previous year. The lost-time injury frequency also decreased substantially. Unfortunately, the number of workplace accidents leading to more than 30 days of sick leave increased in 2022. Active work was done to promote occupational safety in Fingrid’s work locations.


The adequacy of electricity is estimated proactively

European transmission system operators are engaged in constant collaboration to estimate the adequacy of electricity in the coming winter and summer, as well as in the next few years. The estimates are based on a probablistic analysis that simulates how the weather and any possible outages affect elecgtricity production, transmission and consumption. The outcome is the expected number of hours when electricity shortages could arise in each country.

Main grid

More capacity for the main grid

Over the next ten years, Fingrid will invest a record EUR 3 billion in the main grid. This money will be used for the following purposes.