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Landowners can make their voices heard

Fingrid’s transmission lines are mainly located on land owned by private individuals. The aim of active communication is to facilitate interaction between the authorities, Fingrid, contractors and landowners throughout the various phases of transmission line projects.


Apply for support to manage traditional biotopes

Support for managing the landscape under transmission lines is available from Fingrid if certain criteria are met. The support encourages people to take action. The applicant can be a landowner, other private person or, for example, a recreational association.

Main grid

The right communications during transmission line construction

Fingrid is asking land owners and residents living near transmission lines to provide feedback as the basis for developing communications, also using new tools. E-mail, Facebook and SMS messages have been tested for land owner communications in the Vanaja–Tikinmaa construction project. An informative tower erection display attracted a large audience in Hämeenlinna.


Transmission line areas benefiting people and nature

There are many ways for a landowner to utilise transmission line areas. Would you like some extra income from Christmas tree sales, or are environmentally friendly values close to your heart? Various land-use tips can be found in the new Landowner’s idea cards.

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The EIA values people’s opinions and the environment

The EIA procedure of a transmission line project investigates the project’s impact on people and nature in the area. Residents are asked to provide feedback on transmission line routes, and the terrain is inspected from several points of view.
“We genuinely want to take people and the environment into account and to do things well and in a cooperative spirit. We are constantly improving the flexibility of our EIA process,” says Fingrid’s Land Use Manager, Ilkka Alm.

Disc-golf under the main grid.

Transmission line areas are full of potential

Although Fingrid’s transmission line areas carve out over 60,000 hectares of Finnish land, their limitations are far outweighed by their potential. Transmission line areas offer a foundation for a wealth of potential applications.