main grid

Main grid

Record-breaking wave of investment in substations

Fingrid has more than a hundred substation projects in progress over two years, and the portfolio of projects underway is worth more than EUR 430 million. One key factor behind this boom is the green transition, which is taking Finland towards a carbon-neutral economy.

Main grid

Olkiluoto 3 is coming – we are ready

The Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant unit begins to contribute to Finland’s electricity generation. What does the commissioning of the new nuclear power plant mean for the security and self-sufficiency of the power system?
Minna Laasonen, Senior Expert at Fingrid, answers our questions.

Main grid

In good condition at all ages

The main grid was built over several decades. The equipment in use consists of very different devices and structures of various ages, and every item needs to be kept in working order throughout its life cycle. Long-term maintenance will help to ensure a high transmission reliability rate from one generation to the next.

Main grid

Frost scrubbers

Hoar frost sticks to the earth wires of transmission lines and presses them onto the phase conductors. The consequence is an earth fault, which de-energises the transmission line. If there is a very large amount of ice load, the tower structures or earth wires could break.


Safety is a team game

Fingrid’s safety theme for 2022 is “Occupational safety is created by individuals and teams”.

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