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occupational safety


Understanding human activity improves occupational safety

The human factor is a mindset – a perspective from which we analyse and develop occupational safety. The key is understanding human activity to identify how different factors affect work performance and success at work.


Eliminate risk behind the wheel

Fingrid’s employees and partners often need to travel the country by road. Safe drivers make sensible choices and obey traffic laws.


Safety is a part of the day-to-day

This year, we are encouraging personnel to consider safety as a part of their day-to-day activities at work and in their leisure time.


Aiming for zero accidents

A safety mindset is already integral to everyday work on Fingrid’s sites. Safety is discussed naturally during
orientations and meetings, and the personnel on worksites make weekly observations to enhance safety.


Working on occupational safety

Safety supervisor ensures that the work on a transmission line worksite goes smoothly.
“Foresight and planning are absolutely essential for safety. Employees need the correct equipment, information, and expertise to work safely,” says Safety Supervisor Lauri Tolpanniemi.


Good practices and things to develop

Occupational safety is always in the spotlight at Fingrid. It is developed in collaboration with service providers.
“Everyone should get home from work healthy. That is why we aim for zero accidents,” says Fingrid´s Timo Kiiveri, Senior Vice President.


Occupational safety in 2021

Last year, a record 1.86 million hours of work was done on Fingrid’s worksites thanks to the large number of investment projects. The number of severe workplace accidents decreased substantially, and the frequency of occupational accidents decreased slightly.

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