occupational safety


Working on occupational safety

Safety supervisor ensures that the work on a transmission line worksite goes smoothly.
“Foresight and planning are absolutely essential for safety. Employees need the correct equipment, information, and expertise to work safely,” says Safety Supervisor Lauri Tolpanniemi.


Good practices and things to develop

Occupational safety is always in the spotlight at Fingrid. It is developed in collaboration with service providers.
“Everyone should get home from work healthy. That is why we aim for zero accidents,” says Fingrid´s Timo Kiiveri, Senior Vice President.


Occupational safety in 2021

Last year, a record 1.86 million hours of work was done on Fingrid’s worksites thanks to the large number of investment projects. The number of severe workplace accidents decreased substantially, and the frequency of occupational accidents decreased slightly.


Safety is a team game

Fingrid’s safety theme for 2022 is “Occupational safety is created by individuals and teams”.


Safety walks and audits develop occupational safety

During the coronavirus pandemic, efforts are being made to avoid contact. However, this has not prevented Fingrid from safely arranging worksite audits and safety walks. The prevailing situation has also encouraged us to experiment with virtual worksite visits.


Extra safety for work at height at substations

In spring, Fingrid initiated a project aiming to improve the safety of employees working at height at substations. The objective is to find areas for improvement in structures that can be climbed for trials and identify good practices for working at height.


Modernised installations tested at a reserve power plant in Naantali

Fingrid has ten reserve power plants storing large quantities of fuel oil. Contingencies must be in place in the event of an accident when hazardous chemicals are stored in large amounts. ­Training exercises took place at the Naantali reserve ­power plant in 2020 to test the functionality of the fire extinguishing systems.

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