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Occupational safety improves when risks are assessed

Fingrid has run annual occupational safety campaigns on its worksites. Last year’s campaign reminded employees that occupational safety is created by individuals and teams.

“The campaign aimed to remind employees of the importance of considering the hazards on the site and how to prepare for them. People were encouraged to think about these issues individually or in teams before they started working,” says Markku Pöysti, Occupational safety Expert at Fingrid.

The campaign ran from April to October 2022, and it was intended for all Fingrid service providers and Fingrid employees.

“We supported risk assessments and encouraged personnel to identify the different work phases and associated hazards. This makes risks easier to break down,” Pöysti says.

One topic was brought up for more detailed examination every month. Special attention was paid to the hazards of working at height, traffic and driving, slipping and tripping, lifting heavy items, electrical safety, and work machinery and equipment.

“We received many times more risk assessments than in previous years. The result shows the campaign was necessary and successful,” Pöysti says.

Active participation

Jani Gratschev, Manager of Substation Maintenance Services at Omexom, says that their occupational safety activities complemented Fingrid’s campaign nicely.

“It was easy to get our employees to assess the risks of work when Fingrid also considered it important.”

The campaign was welcomed at Omexom’s sites around Finland, and large numbers of risk assessments were received.

Analysing risks before starting work is already a routine step for some people, and this has now motivated everyone else.”

“It was pleasing to see how well our personnel got involved in the campaign. Assessments were submitted from all our sites by many different people working there. Analysing risks before starting work is already a routine step for some people, and this has now motivated everyone else.”

The results of the campaign were reviewed with personnel at joint safety toolbox talks. These were an opportunity to disseminate Fingrid’s model to units that were not working with Fingrid.

“The campaign generated internal motivation in our company. When we receive positive feedback for being so active, it encourages people in the field to continue working towards better safety. It is good to ingrain this operating model in the day-to-day routines of every one of our employees,” Gratschev says.

“Campaigns are needed from time to time, and this was a good one.”


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