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power system

Electricity market

Henna Virkkunen: A market-based energy system is the key to sustainable growth

Henna Virkkunen, a member of the European Parliament, believes that a diverse, market-based energy system is the most effective operating model for Europe’s sustainable growth economy. Investment subsidies for new energy sources are justified in the early phases of production, but over the long term, societally-funded energy needs to establish a competitive position in the market through demand.

Electricity market

Electrifying, carbon-neutral Finland is an amazing investment

Fingrid is building a platform for the clean electricity system, which contributes to Finland’s carbon neutrality goals and creates opportunities for new consumption investments. This development is built upon Fingrid’s long-term grid planning work, which includes preparing a network vision, the main grid development programme for the next ten years, and an investment programme that results in the construction of the physical network.

Main grid

Good decentralisation in the control centre

Control Centre Manager Maarit Uusitalo is responsible for managing the power balance on the main grid and the power system from the office in Käpylä. Uusitalo, who has worked for Fingrid for a long period in several positions, took on the role of control centre manager in March this year.