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renewable energy


Commerce in the green transition

Major commerce enterprises focus on energy efficiency, wind and solar power. Significant electricity savings have been made in the unusual winter of 2022–2023.

Electricity market

Google’s data centre in Hamina gets a good thing going around

Google’s data centre in Hamina celebrated its 10th birthday in September. In ten years, Google has become a significant business partner and an active player that employs and trains top experts while revitalising the business structure in the Kymenlaakso region through its presence, thereby boosting the gross domestic product of Finland as a whole.

Main grid

Aiming towards the power system of the future

Connecting renewable forms of energy to the grid involves challenges that Fingrid tackles with R&D projects. New solutions are used to ensure the security of the energy supply and cost-effectiveness during the global energy revolution.

Main grid

The Western Boulevard City will change the face of Helsinki’s electricity network

The urban Western Boulevard City planned by the City of Helsinki will require Helen Electricity Network’s high-voltage overhead lines and substation in the area to be moved. This will only be possible if Fingrid, the transmission system operator, brings forward its plans to build a 400-kilovolt live power feed to the city centre. Collaboration has resulted in a solution that enables third-party schedules to be coordinated optimally.


More information is needed about the balancing power market

EPV Energy is one of the trailblazers in industrial-scale wind power generation in Finland: in 2019, approximately 17.4 per cent of EPV’s energy was generated from wind power. EPV Windpower Ltd has wind farms in Teuva, Vaasa, Ilmajoki and Kristinestad.

Electricity market

Green to the Core

EU Commission prioritises electricity grids, offshore* energy and renewable gases over oil and natural gas infrastructure.

Main grid

From the carbon black towards the emission-free sources, a balance must be maintained between demand and supply

Electricity generation and consumption are two sides of the same coin. People need electricity, particularly on cold winter days – but those are the days when electricity is most difficult to guarantee and supply. Coal is coming to the end of the road, so we need to look for alternatives. The answer increasingly lies in the expanding Nordic and European electricity markets.


Power-to-X – solutions for energy storage

Solutions that turn electricity into a product – known as Power-to-X solutions – support emission-free, renewable electricity generation and introduce flexibility to electricity consumption. Electricity can also be used to produce carbon neutral or even carbon negative products that can be transported and stored. Fingrid is making preparations for a significant increase in electricity consumption in the coming decades.

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