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security of supply

Tuulivoimala meren rannalla
Main grid

Cross-border connections growing in importance

A uniform European electricity market based on clean electricity generation requires cross-border connections between countries. In Finland, Fingrid is responsible for developing and maintaining such connections. “Competition and the free movement of electricity across borders will reduce the price of electricity. In the future, no country will be able to constantly generate cheap electricity alone,” says Fingrid’s Senior Vice President Jussi Jyrinsalo.

Main grid

Olkiluoto 3 is coming – we are ready

The Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant unit begins to contribute to Finland’s electricity generation. What does the commissioning of the new nuclear power plant mean for the security and self-sufficiency of the power system?
Minna Laasonen, Senior Expert at Fingrid, answers our questions.

Main grid

In good condition at all ages

The main grid was built over several decades. The equipment in use consists of very different devices and structures of various ages, and every item needs to be kept in working order throughout its life cycle. Long-term maintenance will help to ensure a high transmission reliability rate from one generation to the next.


Ensuring the security of supply in a state of emergency

The ongoing pandemic has caused an unprecedented shock to the continuity of many everyday functions that were previously taken for granted. The pandemic and the consequent state of emergency have put Finland’s overall security to the test, writes Jukka Ruusunen, Fingrid’s President & CEO, who also chairs the Council for Security of Supply and Infrastructure.

Electricity market

Responsibility is a way of working correctly

The orderly conduct of duties, security of supply, a sustainable operating culture, offering a transmission platform for clean energy generation:
this is Fingrid’s responsibility.


Northern dimension

Panel talks about the Nordic & Baltic experiences of TSO cooperation. “There are huge benefits in sharing best practices, solutions and ideas, if we in the energy industry work together”, pointed out Energinett’s CEO Thomas Egebo.

Main grid

Scrubbing away frost by helicopter

Frost accumulates on earth wires and forces them down onto the phase conductors, creating a line fault that causes the power to be cut from the line. To prevent this problem, Fingrid dislodges the frost using a new helicopter technique. Nowadays, frost builds up in new places and in vastly different amounts every year.

Electricity market

Climate change calls for preparations

The Finnish authorities are forecasting and making preparation for the risks related to weather and climate conditions due to climate change. Fingrid is working closely with the authorities to ensure that electricity transmission continues uninterrupted, even in the event of extreme weather.


The risk of an electricity shortage was just a scare

Last summer’s fire at Olkiluoto substation was a practical test for Fingrid’s preparedness to act in a real situation involving the threat of an electricity shortage. The case provided experience and practice for internal coordination and contacts, and also for developing internal and external communications in serious situations.

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