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Main grid

Main grid, where are you going?

The design of the main grid includes making preparations for a climate-neutral society in which the importance of electricity is constantly increasing. Over the coming decades, the emissions produced by generating electricity must be lowered, and electricity consumers must be offered the best opportunities to obtain clean electricity.

Main grid

The Lake Line’s transmission capacity will double

The work to upgrade the Lake Line from Oulu to Lappeenranta to a 400-kilovolt transmission line began in the summer and autumn with the planning of environmental impact assessments (EIAs). The first projects to be assessed are the Vaala–Joroinen project and the Rovaniemi–Vaala project further north.


Transmission line routes as part of the landscape

When Fingrid plans a transmission line route, a team of experts also assesses its impacts on the landscape. Landscape values can be associated with nature or the built environment and history. For example, a rapids or factory milieu may be a valuable site where the route selection is carefully considered.

Main grid

Power for a new era

Fingrid’s largest investment ever – a 400 kilovolt transmission connection from Pori to Oulu – was completed in 2016. According to Fingrid’s Executive Vice President Kari Kuusela, the new Western Finland transmission connection meets the challenges of a new era.

Main grid

The EIA values people’s opinions and the environment

The EIA procedure of a transmission line project investigates the project’s impact on people and nature in the area. Residents are asked to provide feedback on transmission line routes, and the terrain is inspected from several points of view.
“We genuinely want to take people and the environment into account and to do things well and in a cooperative spirit. We are constantly improving the flexibility of our EIA process,” says Fingrid’s Land Use Manager, Ilkka Alm.