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transmission capacity

Main grid

The Main Grid Control Centre ensures the availability of electricity around the clock

Fingrid’s Main Grid Control Centre in Helsinki works all hours of the day to ensure that every village, town and city in Finland has enough electricity. The control centre handles routine tasks, as well as unplanned tasks when a swift reaction is needed to prevent disturbances in the availability of electricity. Some disturbances also affect the intra-day electricity price.

Main grid

New solution for rapidly increasing the electricity transmission capacity

Fingrid has developed a quick and cost-efficient solution for increasing the electricity transmission capacity between Northern and Southern Finland. The innovation, which is based on a new application of an existing technology, is a quick, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way of adding up to 500 megawatts of additional transmission capacity to the grid.

Electricity market

New Flow based method for calculating transmission capacity

On the electricity market, the constraining factor for the transmission grid is the amount of electricity that can be transmitted at any one time. The Flow based calculation method enables transmission capacity usage to be optimised according to demand for electrical energy.