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transmission line

Main grid

Record-breaking wave of investment in substations

Fingrid has more than a hundred substation projects in progress over two years, and the portfolio of projects underway is worth more than EUR 430 million. One key factor behind this boom is the green transition, which is taking Finland towards a carbon-neutral economy.

Main grid

Construction begins on the Aurora Line

The Aurora Line – a new AC connection between Finland and Sweden – will be completed in 2025. At the same time, Fingrid is strengthening Finland’s internal electricity grid by building a line from north to south.

Main grid

Frost scrubbers

Hoar frost sticks to the earth wires of transmission lines and presses them onto the phase conductors. The consequence is an earth fault, which de-energises the transmission line. If there is a very large amount of ice load, the tower structures or earth wires could break.

Main grid

The elite of industrial design

The design of Fingrid’s landscaped towers meets demanding steel structures. The latest impressive landmark, Viäntö, is at structural design stage in Savilahti, Kuopio.

Main grid

Updated transmission line brochures for landowners

Fingrid’s transmission line brochures for landowners have been updated. There were previously four brochures: two about the construction phase and two for the period after construction. As a result of the update, there are now two brochures.

Main grid

Imatra 1929 and 2020

The Imatra hydroelectric power plant began operating in 1929, along with the Imatra substation, which was the first substation on Finland’s main grid. The first transmission line on the main grid went from Imatra to Vyborg and onwards to Helsinki and Turku via Hikiä. In 2020, Fingrid commissioned a new substation in Imatra and began modernising the Imatra–Huutokoski transmission line.

Main grid

The Lake Line’s transmission capacity will double

The work to upgrade the Lake Line from Oulu to Lappeenranta to a 400-kilovolt transmission line began in the summer and autumn with the planning of environmental impact assessments (EIAs). The first projects to be assessed are the Vaala–Joroinen project and the Rovaniemi–Vaala project further north.

Main grid

Through forests and over marshes

The Forest Line, which will be completed in 2022, is a transmission line connection between Petäjävesi in Central Finland and Muhos in North Ostrobothnia. The tree-clearing work, which began in autumn 2019, is a major job, requiring the removal of 60,000 cubic metres of material.

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