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Updated transmission line brochures for landowners

Fingrid’s transmission line brochures for landowners have been updated. There were previously four brochures: two about the construction phase and two for the period after construction. As a result of the update, there are now two brochures.

New brochures:

Stages in a transmission line project: This brochure contains information about the construction of a transmission line. Landowners and other interest groups can influence this statutory activity in a variety of ways. The brochure also answers some frequently asked questions about transmission line construction projects – information that was previously in the brochure entitled ‘A transmission line on my land’.

Next-door to a transmission line: This brochure contains information and safety instructions that make it safe and easy to live near transmission lines. The brochure also describes how vegetation and border trees are handled in transmission line and yard areas, as well as safety when handling trees and timber near transmission lines. The ‘Taking care of the lines’ brochure will be discontinued.

The brochures have been published in print and online:


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