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Damage at Olkiluoto’s substation did not cause an electricity shortage

A current transformer at Fingrid’s Olkiluoto substation was damaged on 18 July 2018. During the resulting fire and substation repair work, the electricity supply from both of Olkiluoto’s nuclear power plants to the main grid was interrupted.

In the morning of 19 July, Fingrid announced that domestic electricity production and import might not be sufficient to cover electricity consumption and an electricity shortage situation was possible. Electricity producers and consumers participated actively in balancing the situation and additional electricity was obtained from neighbouring countries.

The Olkiluoto nuclear power plant units were reconnected to the main grid on 19 July and 20 July. The substation fire did not jeopardise nuclear safety.


A fire at Fingrid’s Olkiluoto substation in July interrupted the electricity supply from the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant units. The situation did not cause an electricity shortage in Finland.