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Main grid

One of many

Over the next ten years, Fingrid will execute approximately 180 different substation projects. There will be 45 completely new substations, with a Project Manager responsible for each of them.

Main grid

Record-breaking wave of investment in substations

Fingrid has more than a hundred substation projects in progress over two years, and the portfolio of projects underway is worth more than EUR 430 million. One key factor behind this boom is the green transition, which is taking Finland towards a carbon-neutral economy.

Main grid

Jarmo Henttinen, substation moderniser

Project Manager Jarmo Henttinen has taken charge of the repair work at several substations that Fingrid has overhauled in recent years, as well as the construction of new substations. The overhauls of the Imatra and Länsisalmi substations, among others, have had a substantial visible impact on nationally significant landscapes.

Main grid

Substations are being modernised and built at record pace

Fingrid currently has around 30 substation projects in progress in various parts of Finland. The construction of wind power and customers’ connection projects are the driving forces behind these investments. Fingrid’s first digital substation is under construction at Pernoonkoski in Kotka.

Main grid

OL3 system protection completes Olkiluoto 3 connection to the grid

One of Fingrid’s duties is to connect new, high-capacity power plants to the main grid. The company has made careful preparations for the grid connection of Olkiluoto 3, one of the world’s largest power plant units. The final phase of these preparations includes the implementation of OL3 system protection, which will ensure that the power system functions reliably under all circumstances once the power plant is ready.

Main grid

Fuel cells secure critical functions in substations

Fingrid is working with Leppäkosken Sähkö to test a fuel cell solution that can charge the substation’s batteries, thereby safeguarding its critical functions in the event of a disturbance. Fuel cells generate energy from a mixture of water and methanol.

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