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Development of flexible solutions continues

Fingrid is taking part in the OneNet flexible market project, which began last autumn. OneNet is a three-year research project that is mainly funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 framework. It seeks to develop various flexible market solutions to address the challenges that the power system faces during the energy revolution.

Under the OneNet project, Fingrid is continuing to develop flexible market solutions that were first developed as part of the INTERRFACE project. In addition, we began some new studies of the larger-scale utilisation of flexible operation, among other things. Under the earlier project, Fingrid focused primarily on development requirements related to the moment of provision of electricity. OneNet continues this work, but it also takes into consideration the longer-term needs of flexible procurement. The themes of the OneNet project area related to matters such as forecasting flexibility, visualisation, information exchange, modelling, trading and settlement.

Flexible electricity markets mean trading in the flexibility of power system resources as a part of the management of the power system with regard to frequency, transmission and voltage.


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