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Employment impact of the energy sector studied

Gaia Consulting has studied the direct and indirect employment impact of the energy sector in Finland.

The study revealed that energy generation and transmission account for the sector’s most significant employment impact, employing approximately 80 per cent of the personnel in the sector. The energy industry creates a substantial proportion of Finland’s total income tax and corporation tax revenues. The sector’s annual tax contribution is about EUR 1 billion, encompassing income, corporation and property taxes.

The Finnish energy sector’s total employment is approximately 42,000 person-years. Of this total, direct employment accounts for 23,300 person-years, and indirect employment accounts for 19,000 person-years. According to the study, Fingrid’s indirect employment impact is 2,280 person-years.

The study assessed the employment and tax impacts throughout the energy industry’s value chain in five business areas: the fuel chain, energy generation, energy transmission and distribution, energy sales, and selected added-value services. The model used in the project was developed by a consultancy to output data on the direct and indirect employment impacts of a business.

The calculations were based on data for 2019. The study was commissioned by Finnish Energy.

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