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Energy weather forecasts local solar and wind energy

Launched in June 2016, the Energy Weather Forecast developed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute forecasts the availability of solar and wind energy by location in Finland for the next 24 hours.

Energy Weather Forecast is part of the larger BCDC Energy project, which studies different ways of organising the energy market in a cost-effective and functional manner in the future.

According to Research Professor Anders Lindfors from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the challenge of solar and wind power information is the fact that Finland has no single central registry to provide information about available wind turbines or sources of solar power. However, he says that one-day forecasts compiled locally are relatively reliable.

“Solar-related summer cloud situations are demanding because the situation can change more than once during a single hour. Forecasting wind power is easier than predicting winds close to the earth’s surface because they deal with conditions as much as 100 meters above the ground. At that height, local terrain features and buildings have less effect on how the wind behaves while the behaviour of the atmospheric pressure field is more important,” says Lindfors.