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wind power

Electricity market

Hydrogen paves the way towards the future energy market

The hydrogen economy represents a great opportunity for Finland, driven by clean electricity production, the rapid growth of wind power, and a reliable main grid. The green hydrogen market will also require a new hydrogen transmission grid.


Commerce in the green transition

Major commerce enterprises focus on energy efficiency, wind and solar power. Significant electricity savings have been made in the unusual winter of 2022–2023.

Main grid

Aiming towards the power system of the future

Connecting renewable forms of energy to the grid involves challenges that Fingrid tackles with R&D projects. New solutions are used to ensure the security of the energy supply and cost-effectiveness during the global energy revolution.


More information is needed about the balancing power market

EPV Energy is one of the trailblazers in industrial-scale wind power generation in Finland: in 2019, approximately 17.4 per cent of EPV’s energy was generated from wind power. EPV Windpower Ltd has wind farms in Teuva, Vaasa, Ilmajoki and Kristinestad.

Main grid

From the carbon black towards the emission-free sources, a balance must be maintained between demand and supply

Electricity generation and consumption are two sides of the same coin. People need electricity, particularly on cold winter days – but those are the days when electricity is most difficult to guarantee and supply. Coal is coming to the end of the road, so we need to look for alternatives. The answer increasingly lies in the expanding Nordic and European electricity markets.

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