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Monitor your electricity consumption

Although the risk of an electricity shortage is now much lower than in the winter, it is always sensible to use electricity moderately and in a planned way.

Fingrid’s Datahub service enables you to monitor your electricity consumption. It shows how your consumption varies according to the time of day and day of the week and which devices consume electricity.

Datahub allows you to compare different periods and see your electricity consumption trends and, among other things, how much electricity you have saved.

You can log in to Datahub using your online banking credentials or a mobile certificate.

Tuntihinta shows real-time electricity prices

Fingrid’s Tuntihinta (Hourly Price) app was released in app stores nearly ten years ago. It underwent a renaissance last year as electricity prices began to rise. Last autumn, the app was one of the most popular free mobile apps in Finland.

Tuntihinta shows (in Finnish) the real-time hourly electricity price in Finland. Accurate price information helps consumers to schedule the use of energy-intensive devices at times when electricity is cheaper, leading
to real monetary savings, especially for users of spot-priced electricity.

The service alerts the user if the price surpasses the user’s set threshold.


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