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New calculation model guides emissions reduction measures

Last year, Fingrid introduced a calculation model that takes into account the greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations and those of its service providers. The results serve as the basis for planning emissions reductions.

For several years, Fingrid has calculated and reported the greenhouse gas emissions caused by its own operations. Last year, a calculation method was developed that incorporates emissions in the value chain for the first time.

Value chain emissions are indirect emissions arising from the activities of Fingrid’s subcontractors and contractors, such as parties working on main grid investments, network maintenance, waste management and outsourced services.

“The expanded calculation meets the regulatory requirements while also providing more information on where our most significant emissions arise,” says Elina Merta, Expert at Fingrid.

Working together to reduce emissions

The results of the calculation for last year confirmed the preconception that network investments are a major source of emissions.

“The results can help identify better ways to plan and direct effective emissions reduction measures in the future. It is all about working with our partners,” says Merta.

The choice of materials can play a major role in reducing emissions. For example, low-emission aluminium or steel are good alternatives. Last year, Fingrid joined WWF’s Ready for Green Steel campaign. The aim for the committed companies is to demonstrate their willingness to purchase green steel and thus encourage change in steel producers.

Starting next year, the new greenhouse gas calculation model can be used to better assess emissions trends and the impacts of target-oriented climate action on them.

“Emissions may vary sharply each year depending on how many projects are completed in the year. Big projects to develop the main grid and enable the green transition will inevitably result in emissions,” says Merta.

With the big picture in mind, Fingrid enables clean power production to connect to the grid and has a significant positive climate impact for society.


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