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What does renewing the electricity market require from the consumer?

Everyone is talking about the electricity market transformation, but how will renewal affect the consumer? Päivi Suur-Uski is an energy efficiency expert from Motiva, and she answered our questions. Motiva Oy is a Finnish state-owned company that provides expert services to promote resource efficiency.

1. How can consumers influence their own electricity choices?

In many ways. On a daily basis we make choices which devices to use and how long we use them. Also, our choices on purchasing household devices have an impact for many years. We have options when making an electricity agreement: for example, we can choose renewable energy or a price-controlled product.

2. How can we manage consumption peaks? Why is it useful to know the level of annual consumption?

The hourly consumption monitoring service provided by electricity suppliers is a practical way to examine how electricity is consumed at home. Consumption peaks indicate the use of powerful devices. Comparing consumption with similar households shows where you stand, is your consumption average, or maybe over or under average. In statistics, annual consumption is often used as comparison figure. If your consumption is high, there are certainly easy ways to reduce it.

3. Is off-peak tariff (night) electricity the only way to optimise electricity consumption?

Today there are also solutions that enable to control the consumption of heating devices at hourly level. These solutions also influence energy efficiency, while night electricity mainly has an impact on costs. In future, it’s a good idea for households to adjust their electricity use by distributing consumption more evenly and especially to times when there is a high supply electricity available.

4. Will the electricity market transformation influence individual consumers and when will this happen?

Technology is developing constantly, and consumers’ opportunities increase to influence their electricity consumption. More reasonably priced solutions are likely to enter the market for consumers who are prepared to use technology and services for managing their own consumption. The greatest benefits come from producing energy yourself. The transformation has already started to some extent but its difficult to predict the pace of advancement. However, in 10 years we certainly have progressed significantly.

5. What’s your tip for electricity use?

I think everyone should monitor and examine their electricity consumption, and of course one should avoid all unnecessary electricity use.