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Sello Shopping Mall targets the reserve market

Espoo-based Sello Shopping Mall is the first major property complex to target the reserve market offered by Fingrid. This would involve Sello in balancing electricity consumption.
Siemens representatives Anssi Laaksonen, Unit Manager for Building Performance, and Henri Makkonen, a Technical Expert in Energy Solutions, present Sello’s battery room to Fingrid Specialist Pia Ruokolainen.

For example, if homes temporarily consume a lot of electricity, Sello would simultaneously use less so that production and consumption remain balanced in the market. The mall’s building technology is being turned into a microgrid and a set of accumulators and solar panels will be installed on the roof. This will make it possible to store energy and use it smartly. The accumulators and panels will be supplied by Siemens. The project will be completed this autumn.