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Survey: customers are happy to recommend Fingrid

Fingrid’s customer satisfaction surveys show that customers are highly satisfied with our operations. The net promoter score is significantly higher than last year’s figure.

The proportion of promoters has risen by 9 percentage points to 51 per cent. The proportion of detractors has remained stable at 6 per cent.

Customers’ confidence in Fingrid has remained strong, and customers consider the fact that Fingrid operates in the interests of society to be a particular strength. We restructured our services last year based on the results of previous satisfaction surveys. Satisfaction with main grid services and electricity market services was good.

In the open-ended feedback, particular praise was afforded to the service attitude and professionalism of people working in customer-facing roles. Fingrid was also praised for its cooperation in network planning, as well as for the My Fingrid service. The open-ended feedback indicated that areas for improvement include better coordination of outages occurring for Fingrid’s own needs and collaboration between Fingrid and the system suppliers of its customers in relation to Datahub.

The energy sector is undergoing a fundamental transformation, and we hope that our customers will continue to recommend us in the future. We will take the feedback on board when we develop our services, and we will engage in more detailed discussions with our customers in this regard.

A total of 218 people responded to the survey.


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