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Working together for a modern energy system

Fingrid works closely with several entities in the energy sector, especially now that the power system is transitioning towards clean energy.

Energy sector operators include the electricity vendors and suppliers trading in the electricity market, as well as the authorities and interest groups.

The relevant authorities are the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Energy Authority and the National Emergency Supply Agency.

The interest groups include the Finnish Wind Power Association, Finnish Energy, the Association of Energy Users in Finland and Local Power.

Motiva is a state-owned company that promotes sustainable development by means such as providing energy advice to consumers, municipalities, companies and the public sector.

The big question facing every energy sector operator is how to reduce emissions in line with the targets and make Finland carbon neutral by 2035.

“One important theme is the modernisation of the energy system. This concerns the entire energy sector and, thereby, electricity production and consumption,” says Asta Sihvonen-Punkka, Executive Vice President at Fingrid.

“The structure of electricity production is changing rapidly, as electricity is produced not only from traditional hydro and nuclear power but also the fast-growing wind and solar power technologies. At the same time, it is important to enable industry, transport, heating and other consumption facilities to switch to clean electricity.”

Fingrid works in close and effective cooperation with the authorities and interest groups to address these matters.

“The various parties engage in open dialogue and exchange of information. Our culture has always been one of extensive discussion to identify the common ground and the best way forward,” Sihvonen-Punkka says.

The Ministry of  Economic Affairs and Employment

MEAE is responsible for preparing national energy market legislation and negotiating with the EU. It also takes care of the reliability of energy provision and the security of supply. The MEAE promotes clean and flexible energy production through investment subsidies and the EU emissions trading scheme.

The Energy Authority

The Energy Authority is a licensing and regulatory authority that regulates and promotes the electricity and gas markets, emission reduction, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. The Energy Authority enforces Finnish and European energy and climate policies and legislation.

The National Emergency Supply Agency

The National Emergency Supply Agency maintains and develops the security of supply in Finland and handles national emergency stockpiles and security stockpiles. In addition, it works with businesses, the third sector, and the authorities to ensure that society continues to function in the event of a crisis or disturbance.

Finnish Energy

Finnish Energy is an advocacy organisation for industrial and labour market policy in the energy sector. It represents companies that produce, procure, distribute and sell electricity, gas, district heat and district cooling. The organisation’s primary purpose is to build the capacity and competitiveness of its member companies on the road to a climate-neutral Finland.


Fingrid Oyj is Finland’s transmission system operator. Its mission is to safeguard a reliable energy supply under all circumstances and promote a clean, market-based power system.


Motiva Oy is a state-owned sustainable development company. Its key goals are to promote energy efficiency, energy savings and sustainable development solutions among public agencies, companies, municipalities and consumers and encourage the sustainable and efficient use of materials. Motiva coordinates and executes campaigns, the most recent of which was the Down a Degree campaign to save energy.

Local Power

Local Power is the voice of small and medium-sized local energy companies, an advocate and a business promoter. Local Power represents energy companies that operate close to their customers and significantly contribute to the vitality of their areas. The organisation builds the capacities of its member companies as pioneers of the energy revolution.

The Association of Energy Users in Finland

The Association of Energy Users in Finland promotes the position of industry, commerce and service enterprises in the energy market, enhances its members’ energy expertise and energy efficiency, and promotes competition and supply in the production, distribution, transmission and sale of energy.

The Finnish Wind Power Association

The Finnish Wind Power Association is an advocacy organisation for the wind power sector. It seeks to enable wind power construction and production in Finland. The association provides information about wind power, compiles statistics, maintains lists of wind power projects under development, and cooperates with stakeholders.


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