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A decade of investment!

This decade, Fingrid will invest a record EUR 2 billion in electricity networks and substations on Finland’s main grid.

The sums required in main grid investments have rapidly increased to approximately EUR 2 billion. Last spring, the estimate stood at only EUR 1.4 billion. One of the main reasons for the increase in required investments is the growth in the volume of wind power, which has increased more rapidly than projected. The objective of making Finland climate-neutral by 2035 will require a significant increase in emission-free electricity generation and consumption.

Fingrid’s annual investments amount to approximately EUR 200 million, a sum that covers dozens of projects all over Finland. The vast majority of the investments in the main grid – accounting for 70 per cent of the total – are in new construction, while the remainder will be spent on refurbishing the old grid.

Most significant investments in the main gridfrom 2021 to 2030:

  • Strengthening connections between the north and the south: EUR 550m
  • Connecting wind power EUR 450m
  • Cross-border connections EUR 300m
  • Power supply to Greater Helsinki EUR  100m
  • Number of new substations 30


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