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The Crystal-Clear Line in practice

The coronavirus pandemic in the spring did not hold back Fingrid’s work to instil the principle of Crystal-Clear Lines on worksites. So far, the only experiences have been positive.

Electricity market

Energy companies need multidisciplinary expertise

The industry transformation is reflected in the recruiting being done by energy companies. Fingrid still needs electrical engineering experts, but many other educational backgrounds are also suitable for transmission system operator employees.

Main grid

A summer job is a memorable experience

Fingrid wants to employ the best experts. This is why the company is also working hard to keep its summer employees happy. We asked a few of the summer employees about their expectations and experiences.

Main grid

Introducing Fingrid to ICT students

The need for ICT expertise is increasing due to the digitalisation of the energy industry. Students were invited to Fingrid’s ICT event to learn and ask questions about the numerous ways information technology is utilised in the company’s operations.