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The Crystal-Clear Line in practice

The coronavirus pandemic in the spring did not hold back Fingrid’s work to instil the principle of Crystal-Clear Lines on worksites. So far, the only experiences have been positive.

The introduction of Crystal-Clear Line within Fingrid’s supplier companies and on their worksites has been well received, and the implementation of new methods will continue at a steady pace. According to Janne Eskelinen, Unit Manager of Grid management at Fingrid, the practical implementation of the model has proceeded as planned, despite the unusual circumstances this year.

“We were able to conduct training as planned in the spring. We switched to remote training at the onset of the epidemic,” Eskelinen said.

Training events will resume in the autumn for people who have not yet been able to attend.

Eskelinen says that the Crystal-Clear Line will not rise to major changes in the activities on worksites.

“The policy helps to clarify suppliers’ responsibilities, and they also have the power to make decisions on details related to the responsibilities. This also presents a range of opportunities for suppliers.”

“We no longer set out to place strict demands on matters such as working methods. This means that agreements include fewer detailed requirements.”

Eskelinen says that the Crystal-Clear Line has enabled operators to bring their robust expertise to bear in matters of occupational safety.

“Our suppliers have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of occupational safety. Making things clearer serves to improve this further. Clear responsibilities are a prerequisite for very good – and safe – operation,” Eskelinen emphasises.

Eltel Networks uses alternative working methods

Marko Elorinne, Operation Manager at Eltel Networks Oy, has been satisfied with the new operating method.

“We have now been planning and using more alternative working methods than before. For example, when we work at height, we have been able to choose the ideal methods for the specific worksite,” Elorinne says.

The Crystal-Clear Line did not cause any difficulties among Eltel Networks’ personnel – they were happy to adopt it. Elorinne particularly appreciates the clarity that the line provides.

“It has clarified many things, not least the issues of responsibility. Within the constraints of the law and safe working methods, working methods can be created and varied as required. As such, we can consider the individual characteristics, challenges and opportunities of each worksite more effectively. We also review the working methods that are suitable for the site in detail at the kick-off meeting,” Elorinne explains.

Omexom started using the line before the summer

The most important thing is that the line provides customers with a clear indication of what our responsibilities are and what their responsibilities are,” says Janne Ketola, Site Manager at Omexom.

Omexom was able to implement the changes introduced by the Crystal-Clear Line just before the summer.

“The Crystal-Clear Line led to changes in our safety plan and maintenance documents, which serve us and Fingrid, our main client. They will also benefit other clients. However, we cannot think of this as additional work because it was mainly a question of updating various matters and improving our business operations,” Ketola says.

From Omexom’s perspective, the Crystal-Clear Line facilitates cooperation with Fingrid by eliminating overlaps.

“The changes mainly manifest themselves in the form of an updated approach. We will continue to focus on safety first. Fingrid has provided good, constructive examples of various working methods. For example, the description of responsibilities on the worksite has been heavily inspired by previous activities,” Ketola says.

“I would say that after six months we will have a better impression of the ideas it raises and the experience we have gained. We are clearly heading towards a better allocation of responsibilities. Thanks to the Crystal-Clear Line, responsibilities are defined more clearly, and this benefits every party.”

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