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electricity system

Electricity market

Looking to the future

The power system vision will be completed in the autumn. The network vision’s scenarios for the future foresee dramatic changes in the current power system and clarifies the energy sector’s overall status in the energy revolution.

Main grid

Batteries as part of the energy system

The energy revolution requires the main grid and the entire energy system to be prepared for the fluctuations in generation output caused by renewable forms of energy. Batteries offer the possibility of the quick and accurate balancing of generation and consumption.


The importance of electrical systems to society

We live in two worlds. One is the physical world, and the other is a digital world based on technology people have created. We have adapted and evolved to live in the former throughout the history of humankind, but the digital world is still relatively new to us, writes Jarno Limnéll.

Electricity market

Henna Virkkunen: A market-based energy system is the key to sustainable growth

Henna Virkkunen, a member of the European Parliament, believes that a diverse, market-based energy system is the most effective operating model for Europe’s sustainable growth economy. Investment subsidies for new energy sources are justified in the early phases of production, but over the long term, societally-funded energy needs to establish a competitive position in the market through demand.

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