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Main grid

Frequent connections to Ukraine

The Ukrainian transmission system operator, an observer member of ENTSO-E, has applied for full membership. Meanwhile, Russia is destroying its energy infrastructure.

Electricity market

A shared vision will bring markets and operators into close convergence

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) vision for 2030 has sparked debate of a revolution in the power system and the consequent opportunities and threats to the power system. The vision combines the simultaneous development of markets and operators and asks what should be done when the markets are harnessed for the good of the energy revolution.

Electricity market

What is ENTSO-E like seen from the outside?

The institutional perspective session kicked off with a video greeting by Claude Turmes, Minister for Energy of the Government of Luxembourg, who said that ENTSO-E has taken “a gigantic step” in ten years.
“Now we need you for another gigantic step – how do we win against climate change?”

Electricity market

ENTSO-E Chairman “looks back to look forward”

Joachim Vanzetta, Chair of the Board for ENTSO-E, believes that the TSOs in ENTSO-E will continue to strive to find the right balance between the dimensions of the energy trilemma: sustainability, affordability and security of supply/system security.


Electricity market

ENTSO-E celebrates 10th Anniversary, eyes Future

The ENTSO-E 10 Years Conference, held in Helsinki, Finland, on 13th November 2019, takes a look at various issues affecting the European electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) now and in the future. ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, represents 43 TSOs from 36 countries across Europe.