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At the forefront of the energy industry

Jukka Metsälä has no difficulty motivating himself in his new job. The goal is a cleaner future.

At the start of May, I began working as Fingrid’s CFO. I had previously worked for Gasum and PWC. You could say I am a returnee, as I worked for Fingrid just over 11 years ago as business controller and business development manager.

My responsibilities include strategic and business development in addition to finance and treasury. I manage this wide range of duties together with the company’s senior managers, various experts, and my finance and business development team.

I am fascinated by people and change – the things we can do together. This company offers motivation and a lot of expertise, and I truly believe that we will quickly accomplish new things. A good value base,
sustainable business and creating a cleaner future are among the interesting aspects of my new job.

Fingrid will play a key role in the energy revolution – that was immediately apparent to me. Decisions need to be made every day; changes need to be visible; we need to head in the right direction and ensure that the energy market functions well today and in the future.

Fingrid’s strategy is based on the needs of its customers and several stakeholders. When we work together, we need to retain our focus on the right things that really matter and get things done.

In my opinion, Finland offers plentiful opportunities in the energy sector. After all, it is the promised land of wind power.

Jukka Metsälä


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