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working life

Main grid

Jarmo Henttinen, substation moderniser

Project Manager Jarmo Henttinen has taken charge of the repair work at several substations that Fingrid has overhauled in recent years, as well as the construction of new substations. The overhauls of the Imatra and Länsisalmi substations, among others, have had a substantial visible impact on nationally significant landscapes.


Qualification is one of the keys to collaboration

Working in substations and on power lines requires service providers to have special expertise and uncompromising occupational safety management. Fingrid verifies the competences of the personnel of service providers involved in maintenance work through qualification. It is hoped that a national qualification practice will be agreed for the sector.


The meaningfulness of work is a question of attitude

Are you hacking at rocks or building a cathedral? When you understand the purpose of your work, you will also find motivation, writes Tiina Miettinen, Senior Vice President, HR and Communications at Fingrid.

Electricity market

Energy companies need multidisciplinary expertise

The industry transformation is reflected in the recruiting being done by energy companies. Fingrid still needs electrical engineering experts, but many other educational backgrounds are also suitable for transmission system operator employees.

Main grid

Crossing company borders

Fingrid is part of the national Finland Young Professionals network. Networking is beneficial for developing company strategy and for the careers of young talents.


Towards more active occupational safety and health

The biggest safety risks in Fingrid’s operations are related to physical work that is mainly performed by main and subcontractors specialised in that field. Occupational safety has always been considered a priority, and is taken into account in the contract agreements.

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