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Jarmo Henttinen, substation moderniser

Project Manager Jarmo Henttinen has taken charge of the repair work at several substations that Fingrid has overhauled in recent years, as well as the construction of new substations. The overhauls of the Imatra and Länsisalmi substations, among others, have had a substantial visible impact on nationally significant landscapes.

When did you begin working in your current role at Fingrid?

I started working for Fingrid in 2014 in my current position as Project Manager. I had previously worked in a similar role for Helen Electricity Network, and before that, I worked for a contractor, delivering similar contracts. I am an electrical power engineer by training.

What do project managers do at Fingrid? What do you like about your work?

I mostly manage overhauls of old substations, but I also manage some new substation construction projects. Projects typically last two or three years, which adds some variety to the job. I am involved in the entire process, from the planning phase through to completion. The Grid Planning unit prepares the preliminary design for the substation, and I work with the project manager to consider the implementation and schedules so that Fingrid can make a decision on whether to invest. After this, the project manager leads the physical implementation process. This is teamwork. The team includes Fingrid’s project group, external designers, construction supervisors and contracts. I work with people from various organisations with the aim of achieving a high-quality outcome, and I like this work. I generally spend about half my working time on worksites and half in the office. On worksites, I monitor the progress of the work and attend design and worksite meetings.

What is happening in your work at the moment?

At the moment, I am working on overhauls at the Virkkala and Tammisto substations. Fingrid is one of the first companies in the world to pilot the use of more environmentally friendly substation switchgear, which is being implemented using new technology at the substation in Virkkala, Lohja. The Tammisto substation, on the other hand, is an example of great urban construction in a highly visible location next to the Jumbo shopping centre in Vantaa. It was an interesting project because the substation is in a historical, protected national landscape. The National Board of Antiquities approved a modern building for the Imatra substation and stylish landscaped towers in the vicinity. The Länsisalmi substation, which is located near Ring III and was completed a few years ago, won an international architecture prize. Landscaped transmission line structures played an important role in this location. I have been involved in building great substations in great places.

What do you do in your free time?

At the moment, I spend my free time with my family. We have two small children, a dog and a detached house, so there is not much time left for anything else. I try to play tennis a couple of times a week.


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