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Deploying My Fingrid for Partners

Fingrid has built a new digital service for service providers. My Fingrid for Partners will be deployed in phases, and it will replace FGPartners by the autumn.

My Fingrid for Partners functions as an information exchange platform for Fingrid and its service providers working on construction projects and maintenance. It is used by Fingrid’s own personnel, as well as construction contractors, maintenance providers and providers of project planning services. The service will cover all projects in the planning, implementation and warranty periods, as well as maintenance.

My Fingrid for Partners enables Fingrid and its service providers to manage projects jointly. The service stores the administrative and technical documents required for projects, thereby making it easier to keep track of the project’s timetable, progress and upcoming steps.
The service is necessary because the amount of day-to-day interaction is constantly increasing, and the old channels are no longer effective enough for this purpose.

“It will facilitate the work of both parties and offer the opportunity to enhance efficiency. The importance of information security cannot be overemphasised,” says Hannu Hätönen, Fingrid’s Project Manager in charge of designing My Fingrid for Partners.The aim was to make the service so easy to use that everyone can learn to use it without undergoing training that would consume time and resources. The objective is full self-service.

Users of the new service can edit documents themselves, which makes design work easier.

A lot of photos are taken in work locations, but it is not always easy to manage them and put them to good use. Any user of My Fingrid for Partners can save photos of a project.

“Photos are automatically saved in the correct place based on the geolocation data. Photos can also be filtered by date and time. For example, tree felling is not of interest during the closing stages of the project,” says Marcus Stenstrand, Fingrid’s Unit Manager.

At present, My Fingrid for Partners hosts dozens of projects and has about 200 users. All in all, Fingrid has almost 70 substations, transmission line and maintenance projects underway. By early autumn, all of the projects will be transferred to the new service, and the number of users will increase to approximately 1,000. The old system, FGPartners, will be closed down on 30 September.



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