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Fingrid is taking climate action, including during Climate Week

Fingrid’s Climate Week took place from 14 to 20 September. The aim of the Climate Week is to encourage people and businesses to take tangible climate action.

Fingrid’s business activities and work towards a cleaner power system have significant positive climate effects. Fingrid is arranging its Climate Week by encouraging its personnel to reduce the climate impact of their work in investment projects, main grid maintenance and office work.

“Sustainability is one of Fingrid’s values, and it also includes taking care of the environment. For example, we work with modern tools that enable meetings and even large-scale events to be held via remote connections, thereby reducing the amount of unnecessary travel. Climate Week is a great opportunity for us to develop a climatepositive corporate culture at Fingrid and strive to reduce our climate impact,” says Jenni-Julia Saikkonen, Fingrid’s Specialist, who was responsible for planning Fingrid’s Climate Week programme.

Climate Week will involve training events related to reducing the environmental impacts of Fingrid’s operations. Specialists from outside Fingrid will also come to the office to speak about climate-related matters. Riku Lumiaro, a Biodiversity and Communication Expert and the Finnish Environment Institute, will give a speech entitled “The status and future of biodiversity in Finland”.

“I will talk about how climate change is already affecting the species in Finland and how Fingrid and other companies can make a difference. If a company is committed to climate action, it is easier for individual employees to consider the climate and biodiversity issues associated with their work,” Lumiaro says.

Lumiaro says that the Climate Week is an important reminder of the impact of climate change.

“At this rate, the world will become three to four degrees warmer this century. This would be an enormous change. Climate Week reminds companies and people that we really need to take action. Luckily, plenty of workplaces already have made changes.”


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