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Biodegradable ester oil for transformers?

A high-voltage transformer in the main grid may contain as much as 100 tonnes of mineral oil, which is used as an electrical insulator and cooling medium. The environmental risks associated with transformer oils are very unlikely to be realised, but it is still necessary to make contingencies for them.


Research data on the use of concrete from demolition

Significant quantities of demolition concrete arise on Fingrid’s worksites. In order to understand the environmental impacts of this, Suvi Ollikainen was commissioned to write her Master’s Thesis on the topic. The results of the research will be made available to all of Fingrid’s stakeholders.


Life beneath transmission lines

Fingrid is constantly on the lookout for new ways to take advantage of transmission line rights-of-way. Organic collection areas and insect hotels are among the latest experiments.

Main grid

Giving materials a new life

Fingrid takes care of building and dismantling parts of the main grid. It is important to maximise the proportion of materials that are put to new uses.


Environmentally friendly technology in the Virkkala substation

The substation in the Virkkala area of Lohja is pioneering Fingrid’s substation renewal efforts – it is the first substation to operate without sulphur hexafluoride (SF6 dielectric gas) in its switchgear. The project is groundbreaking on an international scale, as it is Siemens Energy Europe’s largest delivery of SF6-free technology to date.


Fossil-free steel is on the horizon

Steel company SSAB aims to be the first to market with fossil-free steel in 2026. This is possible using a process developed by the HYBRIT project, whereby in an iron reduction process hydrogen is used instead of coal.


Climate neutral Finland remains within reach

In June, Technology Finland published its industry roadmap, which supports the goal of making Finland climate neutral by 2035. The key factors will be functional markets, RDI activities and low-emission electricity.


The time for climate action is now

In September, Fingrid arranged a climate-themed week for its personnel. Elina Hiltunen, Futurist, and Riku Lumiaro, Biodiversity Expert, visited to talk about climate change as a trend, the loss of biodiversity, and what climate action will be required to mitigate and halt the change.

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