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Good customer satisfaction

According to Fingrid’s annual customer satisfaction survey, customers continue to consider our work to be good, and, in the main, the results have remained largely the same as in the preceding year.

The overall grade that customers awarded for main grid services was 4.2 (2020: 4.2), and the grade for electricity market services was 4.0 (2020: 4.0).

The experience of working with Fingrid employees has also remained the same. Fingrid’s greatest strength remains its expertise, with a grade of 4.5 (2020: 4.5). The grade reflecting service skills has improved since last year: this year it was 4.3 (2020: 4.2). Fingrid had the most room for improvement in the area of understanding customers’ needs.

We also asked our customers whether they would recommend our way of working with customers as a Net Promoter Score (NPS). In 2021, the NPS, on a scale of ±100, was +41, which is four units lower than in the preceding year. It is still a good store, especially for a monopoly.

Customers also gave us a lot of open-ended comments. The positive feedback included praise for the professionalism of Fingrid’s employees in customer-facing roles and the work the company does for the benefit of customers and society. The most negative feedback centred around the Datahub project’s schedule, costs, and communication. However, several customers also praised us for our communications concerning Datahub. We thoroughly review all the feedback we receive and use the information to improve our operations.

Our customer satisfaction survey received 256 responses. The response rate was 33%, a substantial increase from previous surveys. •


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