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General connection terms renewed

Fingrid’s general connection terms will be renewed this year. There is a need to update the current connection terms to respond to today’s requirements.

The most significant reason for updating the general connection terms are the network codes dealing with connection (RfG, DCC and HVDC), which entered into force last year. The new connection terms will combine requirements concerning the connection of power plants, demand and HVDC. The new connection terms will also better take into account the stricter requirements placed by society on the security of electricity supply, as well as the change in production structure currently underway in the power system.

The technical boundary terms of the general connection terms have been further specified, for example with regard to determining the maximum power of switchgear, transmission line and power plant connections. In the future, transmission line connections will also need to be equipped with a remotely controllable disconnector or circuit breaker, which enables the disconnection of the connection from the grid live. This way, the security of the electricity supply will improve and disruption caused by outages will decrease. Due to occupational safety, earthing switches will be required on both sides of the disconnector.

Fingrid’s general connection terms were last updated in 2013. The aim is to publish YLE2017 by the beginning of summer 2017. In February, Fingrid arranged a discussion event for its customers, where they were able to voice their views and expectations on the new connection terms. Fingrid’s Grid and Operations Committees are also going to process the new connection terms.