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Liekkiloukku smothers fires involving liquids

A new type of Liekkiloukku (flame trap) cover solution has been completed at the transformer shield pool at Fingrid’s Ulvila substation. This is an innovative way to putting out liquid fires caused by accidents.

The main benefits of Liekkiloukku are proven fire smothering ability and an easily dismantled structure that facilitates shield pool maintenance. Liekkiloukku allows burning liquid to pass through and smothers the fire underneath. The system requires no separate mechanics or chemicals – the Liekkiloukku structure simply produces unfavourable conditions for a fire involving liquids.

The primary uses for the product are run-off pools at high-voltage transformers, portable run-off pools for burning liquids, and the transfer and storage of burning liquids. The Fingrid implementation is the first for this product.

Liekkiloukku was developed by Fintekra Oy. Lappeenranta University of Technology, Kuopio Emergency Services College, VTT and Fingrid participated in the development process. An international PCT patent is pending for Liekkiloukku.