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Project to improve connection preparedness enhances main grid planning and construction

A development project due for completion in the summer was also supported by customer feedback groups. It is already possible to send connection enquiries using the map service on Fingrid’s website.

The project addresses a genuine need. Fingrid is often asked whether it is possible to connect to the main grid, and the number of wind power project enquiries in particular has rocketed. In the early autumn, there are more than 850 generation connection enquiries representing a total power output of more than 100,000 megawatts. Finland’s current electricity generation capacity is just over 11,000 megawatts. Not all of these ideas will become a reality, but this shows that we are going through an unprecedented planning and construction boom,” says Jarno Sederlund, the Customer Manager in charge of the development project related to connection readiness.

However, operators are facing substantial uncertainties, which make it challenging to forecast which parts of the main grid will need to be reinforced. The project aims to generate a better understanding of the types of connection requirements among Fingrid’s customers and where they are located. In the future, the updated map service will also provide information about future outlooks and whether it is possible to connect to the main grid.

“The easy-to-use map service is publicly available on our website. However, all project enquiries sent using the map service are confidential. After that, interactions related to enquiries between Fingrid and its customers are handled using the My Fingrid service, which ensures that both parties have access to the same information about projects. When enquiries are sent using one system, they are queued, and every single enquiry is processed. The members of our customer feedback groups considered the map service a good tool, and it will undergo further development in the rest of the year,” Sederlund says.

Senior Expert Janne Seppänen and Expert Juhani Tonteri from Fingrid’s Grid Planning unit are in charge of the second phase of the project, which encompasses an evaluation of the future outlook for the main grid.

“The map system will publicly display the connection capacity at various substations and transmission lines along with the published generation and consumption projects in planning. This will make it easy to see which parts of the power system have plenty of spare space. The map service shows the present capacity and an estimate of the connection capacity in the coming years for both consumption and generation. Providing situational awareness of the grid plan creates opportunities for every party to work together and supports the formation of regional visions,” Tonteri says.

Katariina Saarinen, Fingrid’s Development Manager, Asset Management, is in charge of the third phase of the project.

“We are developing and enhancing our operating models for the planning and construction of the main grid. Building a transmission line takes several years, so it is very important to have a forecast of customers’ connection requirements, situational awareness of the needs and plans, and a flexible investment programme. Everyone needs access to the latest information. Our customers will notice the outcome of this phase of the project when Fingrid’s services begin running more smoothly. Our goal is to build the transmission connections required for Finland to become climate-neutral in a timely and cost-effective way,” Saarinen states. •

In the future, Fingrid’s new map service will also provide information about the possibility of main grid connections and future outlooks. Read more:

The General Connection Terms (YLE) are being updated

Fingrid began working on an update to its General Connection Terms at the start of the year. The YLE2021 terms were presented to the Energy Authority in April, and an updated version incorporating the Authority’s feedback was submitted for confirmation in May. In June, the YLE2021 terms were presented at a public webinar, and stakeholders were asked to give their views. The final version was submitted to the Energy Authority for approval in August, and the aim is for the YLE2021 terms to take effect by the end of the year.

“It is once again time to update the ground rules for connecting to Fingrid’s network. The terms are the same for everyone, and they aim to ensure the system security of the main grid despite the challenges posed by the energy revolution, including the unprecedented amounts of wind power output being connected to the power system. The new terms apply to new connections and changes to existing connections. The update will expand and clarify the technical requirements for connecting to a transmission line,” says Lasse Linnamaa, Expert at Fingrid.

Key changes:

  • Harmonisation of terms with the existing technical system requirements (VJV, SJV, KJV, HVDC) and technical instructions
  • Change to the technical specifications of 110 kV transmission line connections and transformer ratings
  • Updates to the technical requirements for disconnection, protection and earthing
  • Updates to the division of responsibility for operations and liability for costs

Project goals:

  1. To provide Fingrid and its customers with consistent information about customers connection needs.
  2. To provide customers with information about the possibility of connecting to the main grid and future outlooks.
  3. To enable main grid connections to be made more efficiently and the grid to be developed proactively.


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