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Reputation matters, and we can influence it

In 2018, Fingrid was named the world’s best transmission system operator in CHARGE, a brand competition for the energy sector. This year, Fingrid was invited to host a CHARGE webinar on the theme, “Should a monopoly be interested in its brand?”

“Yes, it should,” said Riku Huttunen, Director-General of the Energy Department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Simo Nurmi, Director General of the Energy Authority, and Simon-Erik Ollus, Vice President at Forum, together with Jukka Ruusunen, Fingrid’s President & CEO and Fridrik Larsen from CHARGE.

The word “brand” is easily perceived as an unfamiliar construct, something that companies try to build through various advertising and marketing methods. At Fingrid, the brand is defined as the combination of reputation and image in which the reputation is particularly important for describing how company interacts with its stakeholders.

Watch a recording of the webinar on Fingrid’s YouTube channel:  


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