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RESPA 22 concludes a multi-year series of exercises

In September, organisations critical to the security of supply in the Helsinki metropolitan area conducted an exercise simulating an electricity distribution disturbance in the main grid and distribution network.

The two-day exercise involved a large-scale disturbance that paralysed the basic functions of society while the participants attempted to resolve the situation.

The parties affected by a major electricity distribution disturbance and various authorities, energy sector operators, and other businesses, and a common overview and situational awareness must be created and shared rapidly.

During the exercise, communication tools were used effectively, and the organisations were able to monitor each other’s communications and share information in their own communication channels. The technical readiness of the communication and situational awareness systems used jointly by critical infrastructure operators had improved since the exercises were in their early stages.

“Collaboration, effective technology and communication are key. Therefore, it is vital for everyone to deploy common systems and agree upon the terminology and contents of information exchange and situational awareness in advance,” says Arto Pahkin, Fingrid’s Control Centre Manager and chair of the steering group for the RESPA 22 exercise.

RESPA 22 was the final part of a series of exercises, known as JÄÄTYVÄ, held in various parts of Finland. The series began in the Kuopio region in 2017, and further exercises were conducted in Lappeenranta, Turku, Oulu and Seinäjoki.

Nearly 500 people were involved in the preparation and execution of RESPA 22. The entire series of exercises involved almost 3,000 people.


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