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Responsibility is important in property management

Development of procurement chain management is a part of responsible corporate operations and its impacts can be seen locally and globally. Fingrid’s asset management day held early in the summer demonstrated that responsibility does not just happen – the contractor has to be active.

Responsibility and procurement chain development are a part of corporate social responsibility, which reflects on a company’s reputation and business opportunities. Fingrid is prepared to go a long way to ensure its responsibility. Among other things, this means audits, management meetings and training and induction.

“Procurement chain responsibility doesn’t just happen. The contractor’s role is to audit, justify and teach the subcontractor about what the specified requirement level involves,” says VEO’s Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales Visa Yliluoma, who took part in the asset management day panel.

Investments in procurement chain responsibility require resources. Another panellist, Prysmian’s Sales Director Olli Anttonen, sees this as an investment that helps innovate new materials and products and develop their recyclabiltiy.

“Procurement chain development allows us to give the supplier ideas about the products we’re going to need in the future. Then we can offer our customers new solutions.

Fingrid also continued its tradition of recognising its contractors by presented the Builder of the Year and Maintainer of the Year awards at the event. Ari Stenroth from Eltel Networks Oy was named Builder of the Year and Pertti Räty from Pohjolan Linjahuolto Oy received the Maintainer of the Year prize. Tapio Honkaniemi from Infratek Finland Oy also received a lifetime achievement award.

The topics at Fingrid’s asset management day panel discussion included procurement chain development and responsibility. The Builder of the Year and Maintainer of the Year awards were also presented, with Pertti Räty from Pohjolan Linjahuolto Oy receiving the latter (left bottom).